Video: Why private climate investments matter

From 15-18 March 2016, the Practitioners’ Dialogue on Climate Investments (PDCI) organized a PDCI kick-off workshop, following the SEED South Africa Symposium in Pretoria. During the event, PDCI core group participants were asked to state why private climate investments are relevant to their working context and how the PDCI platform can help facilitating a better understanding of instruments and transformative processes that shape enabling framework conditions for climate investments. Find out more here!


On 12 December 2015, the UN climate conference in Paris reached a historic agreement: after four years of intense negotiating rounds, the Paris Agreement commits all countries to contribute to global reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to limit global warming ‘to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C’. The agreement - for the first time - includes requirements that all countries report regularly on their emissions and “intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs)” to fight global warming, and undergo international review.

This sends a clear signal to businesses and investors, providing a strong incentive to increase efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of value chains and investment portfolios. The Paris agreement also raises awareness in the private sector on future climate impact risks and the business case in climate change adaptation measure.

Rapid re-thinking of business models and redirection of business-as-usual investment flows at scale will require provision of smart public actions and favorite enabling business environments which improve return on private investments and mitigate risks. Government institutions will need to reach out to businesses and financial markets to identify and develop public policies and financial instruments which foster a green transformation of national economies, providing sustainable and resilient economic growth and reduction of GHG emissions simultaneously.

Our focus

The global Practitioners’ Dialogue on Climate Investments (PDCI) aims to advance the understanding of how governments in developing countries and emerging economies can secure the participation of private businesses and the financial sector in climate-resilient and low-emission development. The PDCI facilitates exchange between senior policy-makers from developing countries and emerging economies and professionals from the business and financial sector.

Hence, in 2016 we aim to design innovative prototype policy instruments and other solutions which scale up financial flows in low-emission development and unlock private sector investments in climate-resilience measures.