Working Group 2
Creating markets for off-and mini-grid renewable energy solutions

The off- and mini-grid solutions for renewable energy present an immense opportunity to expand climate friendly, reliable and cost-effective electricity supply in rural and peri-urban areas. In order to tap into this potential joint actions of the public and private sectors are needed. A renewable energy transformation and the provision of access to energy to a growing population will only succeed if private businesses increase investments in technologies, infrastructure, products and services. Additionally, the financial sector needs to broaden supply of capital and adequate investment products. Rapid re-thinking of business models and redirection of private financial flows at scale, however, will require smart public actions and provision of enabling economic framework conditions.

The working group develops solutions on how regulatory frameworks should be designed to support stand-alone renewable energy systems.

About the Working Group

A selected group of practitioners from governments and the private sector, representing various countries from developing and emerging economies formed the Working Group in 2016. Over the past months they jointly developed concrete prototypes aiming at initiating a process of change in their respective organization as well as policy briefs capturing the main findings within the focal area.

Meet the participants of the Working Group.


The following prototypes and policy briefs are being developed by PDCI core group participants of this working group:


Developing a Financial Model for Off- and Mini-grid Renewable Energy Solutions to Provide Heating and Electricity
by Tuul Galzagd, Director, Eco Banking Department, XacBank, Mongolia

Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation in Africa
by George Kosimbei, Senior Lecturer and Director, Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Centre, Kenya

Consumer Credit Financing Through Microfinance Institutions (SACCOS) 
by Hamisi Mikate, Managing Director & Founder, ENSOL (T) LTD, Tanzania

Village Energy Academy: Developing Local Skills & Expertise for the Rural Solar Sector in East Africa
by Jay Patel, Vice President, Business Development, Village Energy, Uganda

Energy Storage System for Mini-Grid and Off-Grid Electricity Energy Solution Concept (Indonesia case study)
by Agus Hasan Reksoprodjo, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Sintesa Group and the CEO of PT. Sintesa Banten Geothermal, Indonesia

Public Investment in RE Mini-Grids for Private Sector Concessioning to Increase Rural Electricity Access. The Western Uganda Electrification Project
by Michael Rutalo, Transaction Execution Specialist, Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company (UECCC)

Adaptation of Effective Clean Cooking Energy Technology Through Capacity Building for Mitigation of Climate Change
by Mbaari Kĩnya, Managing Director, Women in Energy & Environmental Technology (WEET) Enterprise Ltd, Kenya

Renewable Energy to Power Agriculture & Rural Livelihood Enhancement (REPARLE)
by Peter B. Nyeko, CEO & Co-Founder, Mandulis Energy Limited, Uganda

Prototype presentation of Michael Rutalo

Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 1: Innovative Goal-Setting for the Energy Transition - 100% RE for new Demand
by Roberto Verzola, President/Executive Director, Center for Renewable Electricity Strategies (CREST), The Philippines

Policy Brief 2: Bringing RE Costs down through Economies of Scale
by Roberto Verzola, President/Executive Director, Center for Renewable Electricity Strategies (CREST), The Philippines